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Existential Issues:
A Mapping Exercise

In two of my recent exhibitions (Sobey Art Award Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Alberta, and “Positions” at Galerie Bradley Ertaskiran), I invited visitors to participate in a “Mapping Exercise” by taking a few minutes to fill out a paper questionnaire comprising a variety of existential questions. Participants were asked to mark their position with a dot on a series of diagrams.


In total, I received 1222 individual questionnaires. In the scatterplot graphs below, each dot corresponds to the answer of one participant. The questions appear exactly as on the original questionnaire.

You will find more information under the graphs, at the bottom of the page.



Part II
You and the world

Think of the land where you grew up. Think of its natural physical properties, such as mountains, valleys, plains, forests, wetlands, rivers, lakes, sea, desert, etc. Then try to imagine this land in relation to the totality of physical spaces all across the globe.

In your life, how much did you get to know the physical world?

Part III
You and the future

Try to picture the totality of human activities taking place on the planet today.

Do you think that humanity as a whole is moving in a good direction, aligned with a coherent vision for the future?

You and this exercise